Diana Berdi

  1. Some have noted filmmaking runs in the bloodline. It's hard to argue, when you come from a family of directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, artists, and set designers.

  2. At the early age of four Diana was placed into a scene on a Russian film set with her father where she quickly discovered she was much more interested in what was happening behind the scenes, where the director was heatedly deciding the next take.

    Diana dedicated her youth to honing the craft of writing, the origin of storytelling. Her hard work paid off and she was accepted to the prestigious Creative Writing Pogram at York University where she studied poetry, prose, and screenwriting.

    Upon graduating Diana began directing commercials for the likes of Indigo Books, Band Aid, Money Mart, Rochester General, Cancer Society of Canada among others.

  3. Diana divides her time between Vancouver and Toronto. Between directing she finds time to instruct the next generation of filmmakers, writes scripts and enjoys kicking back by the ocean or hiking through the many gorgeous trails of BC.